You Can Do Your Marketing In-House, But Is It Your Best Bet?

Inhouse vs outsourced digital marketing

Marketing is an essential element contributing to the success of your business. When done correctly, your advertising campaigns can drive customers to your website, boosting the sales volume. However, is your in-house marketing team sufficient to deliver impressive results? In this blog, we help you discover new possibilities to save costs, time and resources when outsourcing your marketing and working with a marketing consultant. Read along to find out how you can make this change.

The success of any business, online or traditional, depends on how many and how soon you can reach your customers. To achieve this feat, companies rely on various marketing practices. We have seen countless advertising practices, from word-of-the-mouth marketing to flyers, banners, newspaper or TV ads, and so much more. Every marketing method comes with its pros and cons.

However, over the past few years, all these marketing methods and practices have taken a back seat. Online or digital marketing has taken the world by storm, and almost every company has jumped on this bandwagon. High-quality content paired with animated visual presentations can offer impressive results in reaching your target audience.

While there are no doubts about the triumph of digital marketing over traditional alternatives, there are quite a few uncertainties about who is the ideal candidate for this job. Businesses are always contemplating whether to form an in-house marketing team or hire a professional expert to design an effective brand strategy to offer definitive results.

Through this blog, we will answer all your questions related to the best approach you can adopt to manage effective marketing and advertising. We will discuss what the job of an expert consultant entails and how working with them can benefit your business. We will also share things you should consider when hiring a third-party marketing team for your company.

Duties of an Outsourced Advertising Agency or Team:

The duties of an outsourced advertising consultant include several responsibilities. Between the strategies and operative obligations, their goal is to help their clients reach their target audience through effective marketing campaigns. When you hire a third-party marketing team to overlook your company, they will perform the following tasks and duties:

  • A marketing team will provide strategic guidance to align the business goals with business offerings and identify the right target audience.
  • Their job also entails researching vital information about potential buyers and consumers.
  • They must design a result-driven digital marketing strategy and implement campaigns to appeal to the audience.
  • Another job of the marketing agency entails understanding market conditions and trends.
  • Your promotion team consultant will then create content for the marketing campaign.
  • They are also responsible for executing the plan across your various online platforms.
  • After the execution of your advertising campaign, the team will analyze its performance.
  • Your outsourced consultant will also collect vital analytics for revising the campaign.

Benefits of Outsourcing Your Digital Marketing Responsibilities:

After learning the role of an outsourced marketing expert, you might be curious how working with a professional consultant can benefit your business. When you hire a knowledgeable and experienced marketing team or agency to handle your marketing responsibilities, you can enjoy the following advantages:

1. Access to experience and knowledge of industry experts:

When you hire a seasoned marketing consultant to design and execute your marketing campaigns, you can benefit from their immense knowledge and experience. A well-rounded digital marketing agency team will acquire invaluable experience learning customer likes, dislikes, trends, and patterns. In addition, working with a third-party marketing consultant can allow you to use the same market insights for your business.

2. Create attractive marketing campaigns in a shorter period:

Working with a professional and talented marketing consultancy will also enable your business to design engaging promotion campaigns quickly. With their extensive resources, skills, and advanced technology, you can create new content to advertise your products and services in a short turnaround period. You can also ensure that the results from the dedicated marketing agency will be more creative and catchier compared to your in-house team.

3. Availability of a new and fresh perspective on your ideas:

Another notable benefit of hiring a marketing consultant is the option to get a new perspective on your ideas and opinions. Unlike your marketing team, which has limited employees and experience, a third-party marketing firm is abundant in both. They will help you determine the best advertising approach suitable for your business. With their guidance, your business can design creative marketing strategies that will not fail to move your audience.

4. Design engaging advertising campaigns at reduced costs:

Undoubtedly, outsourcing your marketing duties is a cost-saving solution when you start to analyze what resources and time it takes to run a full in-house marketing team. Companies with limited funds to allocate towards marketing can gain high returns by working with a professional team. An experienced marketing consultant will determine the best approach, considering your requirements to deliver impressive results. In addition, hiring a knowledgeable marketing team or agency will ensure that your company has captivating and engaging ads.

5. Round-the-clock technical support from experienced teams:

By hiring a third-party advertising consultant, you can avail of their continuous expert support at any time. Irrespective of the time or place, you can reach out to seek aid from their expert team to solve any hiccup or obstruction in your online promotion campaign. You can also communicate with your outsourced marketing agency to discuss the performance of your campaign, learn valuable feedback, and make the required changes.

We are sure that learning the advantages of hiring an experienced digital marketing consultant has you excited. However, if you are considering hiring an outsourcing team to promote your business, there are some things you should contemplate. Check for seven essential criteria when you have to choose an outsourced marketing consultant.

Seven Essential Criteria to Choose an Outsourced Marketing Consultant:

1. Define your requirements from the marketing consultancy clearly:

When you select to find an outsourced marketing consultancy for your company, analyze your requirements. Make a list that clearly states all the tasks and duties you want the consultant to overlook. Understanding and defining your needs will be the first step in finding the most suitable advertising team for your business. Then, start your search based on your requirements to find the best options. It will help you condense your search, saving your time.

2. Choose teams adept in dealing with your customized needs:

After you begin the hunt for a reliable advertising team or agency for your business, give preference to the one competent in handling your requirements. Your outsourced marketing consultant should be talented and experienced in catering to your unique needs. Selecting a team catering to your personalized requirements will benefit your company in the long term. They will help you design and execute distinctive marketing campaigns for your business to resonate with your target audience.

3. Check for the company’s expertise and experience in the industry:

Every business is unique. The marketing agency must understand the differences and articulate its positioning to match its goals. Once you have identified the services you want to outsource, contact consultancies and teams that are well-versed in providing those services. Working with an experienced team will save your time and money and offer you an impressive return on your investment. In addition, a marketing consultant with high expertise will design striking advertising campaigns for your company and help boost your sales.

4. Pick a company offering to work within your marketing budget:

Budget is another essential factor that merits your consideration when finding the most suitable marketing partner for you. The price you are willing to pay will determine the quality of the services. Decide how much money you can spend and only look for advertising consultancies offering services within that budget. Not being mindful of your budget can lead you to overspend. Ensure that there are hidden charges included for the selected marketing duties.

5. Reach out to past clients of the consultancy for their reviews:

Once you have narrowed down a few companies from your comprehensive list based on their expertise, experience, cost of services, and turnaround time, start consulting their previous clients. Read Google reviews and check ratings on other online directories. Reach out to past clients who availed their brand strategy and marketing services and learn about their experience. Enquire if they would recommend working with the advertising consultancy and consider their advice when making a decision.

6. Select a company with which you have better communication:

Communication is key with working with any third-party outsourcing team. Always give preference to a consultancy that is approachable during your conversations. By picking a team offering better communication, you are laying the foundation for a long and healthy relationship with your outsourced marketing agency. Work with a team that encourages your ideas and considers your output rather than one that will try to dictate over you and monopolize your advertising campaigns.

7. Give preference to companies or teams with continuous support:

Technical support is an essential factor to consider when choosing your outsourced advertising. Opt for a team that will offer round-the-clock support to cater to all your needs at any time. It will assure you that any difficulty or obstacle in executing your marketing practices will get catered to immediately, delivering a satisfactory solution. You can also consult the outsourced agency at any time to receive and discuss the performance of your campaigns.


Outsourcing your digital marketing can offer your business impressive results, boosting your sales and customer satisfaction. A seasoned marketing consultant will help your company make intelligent marketing choices to attract more attention to your products and services, reach a bigger audience and discover untapped sales opportunities. Outsource your marketing responsibilities to a professional and watch the influx of satisfied customers.

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